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Guess the wine party

Great fun -
The point to this evening is to see how well we know our wine.
Each guest will bring a bottle of wine or two, the host will nominate which guest will bring what wine.
choose different countries and price range to ensure there will be a variety of wine bottles. As your guests arrive, wrap the bottles up in the same paper. Each guest will be given a questionaire, click here for ideas. You can change the questions to suit yourself. Then, after tasting, ask the guests to fill out the questionaire and see the results you may find them quite amusing. A prize can be awarded to the person who guessed the correct country, grape, price - depending on the questionaire. A good idea to serve nibbles while comsuming wine, this will also change the taste of the wine.

Beaujolais Nouveaux Evening

In November, the race is on to obtain the youngest bottle of red wine from france and bring it back to the UK. Create a party around this event. This fine young wine can be obtained easily from supermarkets and off licences. It is easy to make this into a french theme evening.
Dress up in stripy t-shirts,dark trousers and a beret. Then decorate your room with red, white and blue; strings of onions and garlic to give it a bistro look - or bring your garden furniture inside for an al fresco feel. You can serve pate and french bread, croissants, various cheeses and canapes.

Christmas parties

Office Christmas parties

People working in offices usually like at least two Christmas parties one outside the office and one inside.

Party ideas for a party Outside the Office:

Whether it be a small or large group of people wanting to go out, contact local hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs, they will all be happy to send out their Christmas menu.

You need to book up well in advance if you want to reserve a specific date. A deposit is usually required and choice of menu to secure the booking.

A good selection of venues to choose from is a good thing as they all offer something different depending on what your group want.

Party ideas for a party Inside the office:

Decide who is paying for the party and how much is in the budget.

Everyone can contribute either by bringing a plate of food or donating some money.

Nominate someone to do the shopping then the bought food can be distributed to party goers to be prepared at home and bought back next day to share the work load.

Ask local restaurants or supermarket what they have to offer in the way of catering for parties.

Some Large chain store supermarkets have websites so you will be able to gain information this way.

Decorations can be bought throughout the year, in sales etc.

Check out the Company policy on alcohol on the premises


What follows is a list of theme ideas which we shall be covering in more depth in the near future. The list is as follows:

Murder mystery

Games night

Cheese and Wine


Fancy Dress

Pool party

Various countries

Dinner parties

Cocktail parties



Other sports


Vicars and Tarts

School days


20's, 30's, 40's, 50's etc.



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